With a Healthy Michigan Plan, you get all the benefits of Blue Cross Complete members, plus more.

Understanding Your Healthy Michigan Benefits

The Healthy Michigan Plan is a health care program from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Blue Cross Complete administers Healthy Michigan Plan benefits to eligible members.

You have all the benefits, rights and responsibilities of Blue Cross Complete members, as well as extra benefits and responsibilities.

If you get Medicare, you'll be disenrolled from the Healthy Michigan Plan. Other federal or state government programs may also exclude you from being able to enroll in this plan.

You can learn about these in the Blue Cross Complete Member Handbook (PDF).

Get rewarded for making healthy choices

An annual check-up appointment is a covered benefit. We can even help you get a ride to and from this appointment. Take the Health Risk Assessment (PDF) with you when you go. It gives you and your doctor a place to start making health care choices that are right for you.



You may qualify for rewards if you complete it and make healthy choices, like quitting smoking, losing weight, lowering your blood pressure or cholesterol, or getting a flu shot.

Rewards vary from $50 gift cards to a 50 percent reduction in your cost-sharing contribution (depending on your income).

Here's how you can qualify:

  1. Within 60 days of joining Blue Cross Complete, make an appointment with your primary care doctor. You should see your doctor within 150 days of joining.
  2. Fill out sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Health Risk Assessment form, including your name and address.
  3. Take your form to your doctor's appointment. Your doctor will complete Section 4 and return the form to us.

You should fill out the form once a year. If you need a form, you can download it here (PDF). Or, you can call our Outreach Team at 1-888-288-1722 from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m Monday through Friday. TTY users should call 1-888-987-5832.

tooth-icon Find a Healthy Michigan Plan dentist

You can use our online dental provider search to find a network dentist in your area.