PCP Focus network

Health care centered where you work, live and play

PCP Focus is a primary care physician HMO network located in Southeast Michigan. This tailored network is centered on you by providing you with:

PCP Focus offers you a choice of more than 1,000 primary care physicians located across seven counties in Southeast Michigan.

The PCP Focus network also provides the flexibility to see almost any of BCN’s more than 14,000 specialists with a referral – and access to most of the leading BCN-contracted hospitals and facilities in Michigan.

Note: If you’re a PCP Focus member and live in one of the seven PCP Focus network counties, you must select a primary care physician from the PCP Focus network to have medical services covered.

Finding a doctor

Use our online provider search tool to find a complete list of all the doctors, hospitals and facilities in the PCP Focus network. To select a PCP Focus primary care physician, log in to Member Secured Services or call the Customer Service number on the back of your ID card.

What if I live outside the seven PCP Focus network counties?

If you or a family member on your contract lives outside the seven PCP Focus network counties, you have the option to select almost any primary care physician from the standard BCN network.


page modified 12/07/2012